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Wallonia-Brussels International

Wallonie-Bruxelles International au Royaume-Uni

Wallonia-Brussels International is represented in the United Kingdom through:


The Network of Academic and Cultural Liaison Officers (ACLO)

In perfect synergy with the Wallonia-Brussels diplomatic network, the Academic and Cultural Liaison Officers (ALAC) ensure the academic and cultural representation of Wallonia-Brussels in their countries of assignment. Their main mission is to promote the richness and diversity of the academic and cultural providers of Wallonia-Brussels in an overall view of defending our values and the French language. They are also there to help Walloons and the people of Brussels who wish to establish the necessary contacts to carry out their international projects.

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The Project Managers’ network

The Governments of Wallonia and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation have decided to add project managers in certain Awex economic and commercial offices. Their mission is to ensure proactive monitoring in the professional competences carried by WBI internationally and to support providers wishing to conduct a project in their area. The project managers are currently based in Dubai, London, Madrid, Milan, New York and Tokyo.

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